No Signboard (on Geylong) …


The Funnymooners Part 2

For any couple setting off on their ‘virgin’ Funnymoon, we recommend you pay that little bit extra at your hotel of choice and take up the Club Privileges.

While alcohol is always to be taken in moderation, only a fool or a wowzer would deny there are certain situations which cannot be ‘kick started’ by a Sauvingnon Blanc or three. (Ladies: remember, we do not have the muscle mass to break down alcohol at the same rate as the guys, so if you want to be awake when you hit the 1000 count feather duvet-covered bed, slow down. If not, well, that is your decision, but my personal experience is that the closer you get to midnight, the narrower a man’s definition of happiness, if you get my drift.)

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These Funnymooners have taken full advantage of their Club Privileges. On the top floor of the Parkroyal on Pickering we enjoy complimentary afternoon tea and Happy Hour from 6.30 to 8.30. Free drinks is enough to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

There are downsides to the relative intimacy of Club Level. Last night we were both somewhat put off by the Sleazy Business man and his girlfriend. We observed her guzzling champagne and reading Miffy while the 60 year old boss chatted up the lovely female staff on the Club Floor. We wondered about his two sub-lings, gathered about him in their business suits: what did they think of this display? We will never know; they both resorted to their phones and we left for No Signboard.


7000 Restaurants 3 Days: Photos Pending

The Funnymooners: A Long Weekend in Singapore



1. Chris will not identify with authority at the expense of supporting his wife. This agreement extends to encounters with police, border security, and Lost Property Departments in large department stores.

2. Josephine is not to get anxious about Chris’s overidentification with authority. She is to understand that Singapore is a rule-bound state made for men like Chris. There are historical reasons for Singapore being the way it is, and Chris being the way he is.

3. Ditto Josephine.

4. If Josephine displays wit, or, more overtly, tells a joke, Chris will laugh, even if he does not get it. For a Funnymooner on a Funnymoon with their partner, appearances matter far more than content.

NOTE: Laughter is best signalled by the display of teeth and the horizontal elongation of the lips. Eyes can become slightly closed, giving rise to small lines at the corners of the lids. For real impact, shoulders can rise and fall, as if involuntarily. In the first hours of the Funnymoon, a participant is cautioned not to over-do it, as this can have an adverse effect. Satire and parody are dangerous genres of humour on a Funnymoon and are to be utilised only if both parties have confidence in each other. Reddening of the epidermis (facial) can be a good sign, but for Funnymooners who are either beyond acceptable BMI’s or over 50 years of age, high-blood pressure and imminent cardiac arrest are co-indicated.

Day 1: The Funnymooners Log. 9.35 QF 77 to Singapore.

Despite the 5am rise and the lack of sleep the night before, smooth sailing so far!

Minor setbacks and some baring of teeth already! Josie disappeared into the sunglasses section, while Chris bought the duty-free gin, and despite his forgetting she had told him where she was going, they were separated. Chris returned to find wife, and did not exhibit signs of stress. A great start!

At the boarding Gate Josie decided to leave Chris in the queue and seek out the prices of IPOD Touches. Were they or were they not cheaper at the Airport? Inquiries were cut short by Mr. Hill, who had given up his place in the line to search for wayward wife. No jokes were told. No shaking of shoulders. A barrage and retort and general salve of pointy un-funny words were exchanged before a truce was established.

Issues of control can come between Funnymooners. If one of you is more attuned to timetables and to taking responsibility for 1,500 children, then expect a few early setbacks.

Films: Dallas Buyers Club, American Hustle, Philomena…

Food: Hoisin Chicken with Star Anise, Gin and Tonic.

Full steam ahead!


When You Need a Drink

In Finland alcohol distribution is quite regulated. Wine and spirits need to be purchased at …

Last Mad Rush Around

The flight was leaving quite late ….

Nature Culture

The Journey continues: Muséum national d’Histoire naturelle

Helsinki Autumnal Bliss

We has a lot of fun!

Dance Dance Dance

It was so cold outside we had to prepare … and Mei had a new pair of tights to stretch up and give rise to some fun.

Meiduo has been showing some Resistance

The trottinette’s we picked up in Paris have made the whole European side of this trip possible: Xavier and Meiduo have scootered everywhere, while their parents have walked and walked. But getting Mei into galleries has been a little tough recently – she will often find a quite corner and do her animal installations. This photo is from the Finnish Architecture Museum, where Meiduo sat it out dressed in her tradition Ladakhi dress.